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Mick Hill ( 1944-2014 ) was already an established special saloon race car driver in the 1970`s when he became the driving force behind the `Super Saloon` series , the ultimate expression of modified saloons the UK has ever seen. His skill behind the wheel was matched by his imaginative and dramatic car designs , most of which he built himself . His cars were often as charismatic as the man himself and and are still fondly remembered today by racing enthusiasts who saw them at the time.

This website has exclusive access to the Hill family archives and will attempt to do both the man and the cars he made justice. My thanks to the Hill family for their support in this project which made this website possible.

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IMG_0002 capri1 1971 Capri 1971 results

Mick Hill stands by his new race car for the 1971 season. This very special of saloons built by Hill and fellow P.O. Engineers Trev Henshaw and Dave Steeples set new standards in special saloon racing. Winning 31 races outright in 1971 ,more than any other club race driver that season plus 2 more wins in Teddy Savory's hands the car proved very fast ,very reliable and proved Hill to be quality race driver too. A review of the car's origin and that 1971 season record are now available to view on this site via the links below :