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My own video footage from Donington Park in September 2015 at the CSCC race meeting weekend. The Beetle Chevrolet built by Mick Hill was brought down by its owner Dave Taylor . In it`s recent paint job , back to its 1978 blue livery the car looked fantastic. Having been pushed into its position in the Paddock off the trailor it wasnt until later in the day when Dave fired the car up did the extreme nature of the car really hit home. It sounded exactly like what it is , a raw and raucous 1970s race car. Even in a paddock full of other race cars the Beetle stood out so much that a crowd of intrigued competitors and entusiasts were soon coming over to see what car was making such a wonderful sound !

period race footage from the Donington GT Championship.

period race footage from the Donington GT Championship.

The 1974 Supersaloon finale from Thruxton on November 17th 1974. Mick had clinched the championship and was signing off with the Tricentrol Capri. A race long dice with the Skoda of John Turner was rewarded by another win. Unfortunatly this clip has the end missing and no sound but still interesting non the less.

Compilation video from the Thruxton F5000 meeting on August 9th 1970.

The supporting over 1300cc Saloon race features Mick in the Janglia and a lurid moment going through the chicane. Other drivers of the day featured include Roger Williamson , Dave Brodie , Dennis Leach ,Richard Longman and Roy Pierpoint.

Another compilation video from Roy Pagliacci , this time Mallory Park August 8th 1971. Mick now in the Boss Capri and of his 39 races that year he won 33 of them , so this is one of the few he didnt. Dave Brodie in his `run-baby-run` Escort matched Mick that day and the clip shows Mick`s challenge for the lead go after a spin.

Mick and `Brode` became good friends and were two of the fastest saloon drivers around at the time.